Welcome to RBM2015 !

        Industrial growth in Japan was achieved based on the industrial infrastructure that was mainly built along the coastal areas of major cities from the 1960s to the early 1970s. Because of increasing industrial competitiveness and environmental problems in recent years, there is a strong demand for this industrial infrastructure to be appropriately maintained and safely operated so that productivity can be maximized with safety ensured. However, the issue of personnel cuts, the “year 2007 problem,” and frequent maintenance troubles have been noted at industrial work sites in J apan in recent years. As one solution to these types of issues, the adoption of risk based inspection and maintenance (RBI/RBM) is being considered. The adoption and promotion of RBI/RBM to create a safe, secure society is an issue that must now be addressed. The 180th Committee on Risk-Based Plant Management was established in 2007 as University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees of JSPS with its goal to develop RBM systems suited to Japan’s current situation.

        In this International Symposium (11/30 - 12/1, 2015), we would like to summarize the activity of the180 Committee up to today and to discuss potential of RBM, current issues, and possible solutions with the experts from home and abroad.